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The Importance of OEM Air Compressor Parts

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) parts are critical to the life of your compressor. The peace of mind that you’re using genuine parts that are specifically designed and meet the specs of the manufacturer is second to none. You can also rest easily knowing that you’re using parts that meet warranty requirements and provide for extended […]

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Should I Purchase a Refrigerated or Desiccant Compressed Air Dryer?

Choosing between a refrigerated or desiccant air dryer is dependent on the acceptable moisture content or pressure dew point (PDP) requirement for your application. Refrigerated air dryers are typically adequate for general purpose compressed air applications and will typically offer anywhere from a 35-40° F pressure dew point (PDP). Cost is typically much less than […]

What Is A Compressed Air Audit?

An air audit may be in order for your compressor system, especially if it hasn’t been carefully examined recently. While many people focus on the initial cost of purchasing an air compressor, they often forget to factor in the cost of operating the machine over the long run. Any issue within a system can reduce […]

10 Ways To Keep Your Air Compressor Working at a High Level

Everyone is always looking for ways to effectively cut costs to become more profitable. Air compression can be an expensive commodity of not properly maintained. Leaks and worn-down parts reduce the pressure your compressor can produce. Dilapidated seals and fractured piping can fail unexpectedly, creating blow outs. Unintended downtime costs money in lost production or […]

How To Keep Your Reciprocating Air Compressor Working at a High Level?

Here are a few guidelines on how to keep your reciprocating air compressor working optimally. No matter what brand of oil-lubricated reciprocating compressor you own, doing the following three things on a regular basis will extend its working life helping to ensure a trustworthy tool for years to come: Change lubricant quarterly Purge water from […]

FS-Curtis Assists Those in the Fabricated Metals Industry

Compressed Air is an integral part of the Fabricated Metals Industry. Premier Tool Grinding manufacturer of carbide cutting tools uses our NxB22 along with our RNE Dryer and CF Filtration system. See how we assist companies like Premier Tool in the Fabricated Metals Industry. Many processes and applications continue to use inefficient devices to deliver […]

Pros and Cons of Individual Compressor Controls

Previously we described the 6 different types of Basic Air Compressor Controls but what kind of control would you want for your compressor. Her are few pros and cons of the controls to help you assess the needs of your compressor. Start/Stops Pros Simple control using only a pressure switch Motor and compressor operate only […]

See Behind The Scenes of the Cold Water Kid

FS-Curtis and Arizona Air Compressor are proud to be the sponsor of Matt Ludlow aka Coldwater Kid. Check out some behind the scenes footage of the Coldwater Kid and the whole Top Fuel Race Team. The Coldwater Kid Top Fuel team is heading into their seventh season of competition in sand drag racing. The Family […]

The 6 Types of Basic Individual Compressor Controls

Compressor controls are designed to match compressor delivery with compressed air demand, by maintaining the compressor discharge pressure within a highly specified range.  This discharge pressure should be set as low as possible to minimize the energy usage. Compressor systems are typically composed of multiple compressors delivering air to a common plant air header. The […]

4 Ways to Get Efficient Rotary Air Compression for the Summer

4 Ways to Get High Level Rotary Air Compression for the Summer With high summer temperatures fast approaching please make sure your Rotary Compressor is prepared for the change in climate. Here are 4 tips to keep your Rotary Compression at peak performance for the summer. Lubricant and Coolant Levels Is your lubricant and coolant […]

10 Steps to Saving Compressed Air System Operating Costs (6-10)

Small adjustments can reduce your operating pressure and energy costs while improving flow rates and output. Learn the final steps you can take to optimize your compressed air system and save energy costs. Make sure that you also know the first 5 things you can learn to "Save your Compressed Air System Operating Costs" Review […]

10 Steps to Saving Compressed Air System Operating Costs (1-5)

The first step to reduce compressed air energy costs is to measure and monitor your compressed air system's energy consumption, flow rates and operating air pressure. Your FS-Curtis Distributor can help you with your understanding of your compressed air system through an assessment or audit of your system.  The FS-Curtis Distributor will provide you with […]

What Can I Do to Reduce the Cost of Operating My Compressed Air System?

This is a question that a business owner should ask…   What can I do to reduce the cost of operating my Compressed Air System? For years now, the whole industrial world has been listening to the experts that want to help you reduce your electric bill by selling you a more energy lighting system, heating […]

Once Again…. Nx Series is Plant Engineering’s Product of the Year Gold Winner!

The NxD45-90kW won over other compressor manufacturers. This award is noteworthy because our customers and people within our industry vote for the best product. We could not have done this without the hard work and dedication of our FS-Curtis team and the support of our global team. The Nx Series offers a space-saving profile that’s […]